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What CharityDiscount Is

Long story short, CharityDiscount is your online shopping companion.
Additionally, it empowers you to help building a more meaningful world.

Mobile phone with CharityDiscount app

Online Shopping

Choose from hundreds of shops and keep up-to date with the latest promotions


Buy whatever you wish, just like before, and get paid back. It's that simple

Charity Causes

Contribute to charity effortlessly, straight through the platform. No additional money or time needed

Explore with Confidence

Buy from new shops with no worries. You can rely on CharityDiscount and on the reviews of other shoppers

How CharityDiscount Works

  • Register
  • Look for the shop or products you want
  • Open the shop's website from CharityDiscount
  • Buy just like before
  • Get paid (cashback) based on your purchases
  • The received cashback can be donated or withdrawn
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